In this week's episode of the Geeks OUT Podcast, Kevin (@Gilligan_McJew) is joined by John Jennison (@Johnneecurtis) as they discuss DC Comics introducing a genderqueer character in Suicide Squad, groove to the Guardians "Inferno" music video, and celebrate Gillian Anderson as our Strong Female Character of the Week.  ...continue »
(SPOILER ALERT) This is a short preview to my queer guide to Sailor Moon the Original Animated Series (which is VERY Different from Crystal), narrated by Luna and Artemis!!! ...continue »
An indie game unlike any other, Undertale weaves a thoughtful story as you play a gender-neutral protagonist, lending a unique experience to a classic role-playing genre. ...continue »
Gail Simone's new iteration of "Secret Six" has hit the shelves. Cue LGBT representation in 3...2...1. ...continue »
Have you ever been curious about Quina Quen's gender from Final Fantasy IX? Well look no further. ...continue »
Have you been reading Prophet? If you enjoy unique characters and crazy aliens you should check it out! Also: A new character that seems to be neither male or female in the traditional sense. ...continue »
Last weekend, I went to the Brooklyn Zine Festival where I had the pleasure of meeting Elvis Bakaitis, and picked up one of their "Homos in Herstory" comic zines. I chose the "1920s Edition" which is the latest in the series. Also available were 1970s" and "19th Century" along with "Twinks for Sale," a zine exploring the notion of the female-bodied twink! ...continue »