Flame Con 2

Favorite characters are being reimagined with an eye for diversity. A talk with some top creators infusing mainstream comics with a modern, diverse spin. ...continue »
Whether it was the press of bodies in an overflowing room or the panel's detailed description of "Omega Verse" (Google it. Not at work. And you're welcome.), this panel was HOT. ...continue »
What went into making The X-Men with legendary scribe Chris Claremont, who wrote Uncanny X-Men for 17 years! The X-Men is a diverse found-family that l resonated powerfully with LGBT readers and was crucial reading material for several generations of queer geeks, despite having few explicitly queer characters. ...continue »
Meet the “Queen of all Nerds,” Dax ExclamationPoint at Flame Con 2! ...continue »
Come hang with amazing writer Amy Chu and renowned activist and writer Heather Hogan at Flame Con 2! ...continue »
Come get funky with mega-cool creators Jennifer Camper and Fyodor Pavlov at Flame Con 2! ...continue »
Come meet legendary writer-performer Christy Road and super-cool cosplayer Tea Berry-Blue at Flame Con 2! ...continue »
Authors Alex London and Terra Elan McVoy join us at Flame Con 2! Literary! ...continue »
Legendary writer Chris Claremont will be joining us on Sunday, August 21, at Flame Con 2! ...continue »
Get down with comics stars Daniel Ketchum and Tana Ford at Flame Con 2! ...continue »