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June 12, 2017
4:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Arnie plays dad to the dead in this understated take on the zombie genre ...continue »
Arnie plays dad of the dead in this understated take on the zombie genre ...continue »
The Walking Dead is officially back with the mid-season premier last night! The episode was slow but intense, sad but incredibly beautiful. *** spoilers ahead *** ...continue »
SPOILERS for this mid-season finale ahead! The group reunites finally but not without loss. ...continue »
The church finally catches up with the apocalypse, GREATM goes fishing, and Mission Rescue Carol & Beth commences. ...continue »
Beth! Is in Grady Memorial in Atlanta! Which as it turns out, is a weird and creepy place – and that has nothing to do with walkers! ...continue »
This week's The Walking Dead recap: Bob has a tender moment with the Termites, all hell breaks loose at the church, and the group splits up - ALL IN ONE EPISODE. ...continue »
Episode 2 shows Rick & Co. reunited, introduces our fittingly-named priest Gabriel, and invites y'all to a BobBQ! ...continue »
The Season 5 Premiere of The Walking Dead was no joke! The episode served up intensity, gore and explosions (!!!) while setting a grave tone thinly veiled in some kind of "Quick! Hold onto our humanity!" hope. So you know, everything an excellent zombie-filled season premiere should do. ...continue »