Agents of SHADE

In which the season finale proves the writers of Agents of SHIELD willingly have no social or emotional awareness. ...continue »
Agents of SHIELD's writers want to remind us that fighting against your oppressor is akin to being a supervillain. Thanks, show! ...continue »
Agents of SHIELD, what the hell happened to you? ...continue »
Did you know that if you plan to have two characters end up together, you don't need to add a third character to the mix? Did you know a woman can be just friends with a man, and not get her heart broken or be punished for her feelings? Someone tell the Agents of SHIELD writers! ...continue »
In which Skye, Kara, and Raina are being forced into a plot that shafts absolutely everyone for no good reason. ...continue »
We could use someone with an actual mutant agenda right about now. ...continue »
Why "you're one of the good ones" is still a terrible stance to take. ...continue »
This week, Agents of SHIELD finally realizes that the others need to protect their own. ...continue »
Let's talk about the shade of it all. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. ...continue »