In this week's episode of the Geeks OUT Podcast, Kevin (@Gilligan_McJew) is joined by @JonHerzog as they discuss the Disney/Fox deal, new trailers for Jessica Jones and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and celebrate a new YA novel exploring Loki's queer identity in This Week in Queer.  ...continue »
"Anime is real," said James Cameron. "Cyborg girls are real. Alita is real, and strong, and she's my friend." ...continue »
A gay member of Spidey's supporting cast joins his new cartoon! Plus: word on casting for the TV adaptation of a much-loved Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett novel, and Adam West returns as Batman one final time. ...continue »
Nathan Drake is WHO? Plus new trailers for Spider-Man, Valerian, and some HBO fantasy show you might have heard a few things about. ...continue »
In this week's episode of the Geeks OUT Podcast, Kevin (@Gilligan_McJew) and @GrahamNolan discuss Kevin's love of horror movies with the new IT trailer, what Spider-Man Homecoming gets right that Justice League gets wrong, and celebrate our Strong Female Character of the Week with the rumor of a Batgirl movie being directed by Joss Whedon. ...continue »
Power Rangers gets some half-hearted queer representation, some Strong Female Characters in tight costumes get a Spider-Man spinoff movie, and Justice League gets a new trailer. Plus, an inspiring interview with a trans Street Fighter champ. ...continue »
New trailers spotlight the Power Rangers, Wolverine, and zombie Drew Barrymore, plus big news on the OTHER upcoming Spider-Man film. ...continue »
Iceman goes to a gay bar and gets a new love interest! Plus word on the new Star Trek series, and more! ...continue »
The new Strong Female Webslingers may already have a rogues gallery without even knowing it. ...continue »