Mostly Naked Men Give Up Their Bodies for Art!

On June 18th, Drink N' Draw and Geeks OUT touched their magic power rings together and held a night to remember. They had four gorgeous males in some spandex and a lot of body paint to pose for a night of drawing. Check out the photos!

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Geeking OUT LOUD

Geeks OUT is proud to announce the first episode of an ongoing podcast series featuring comic and writer Graham Nolan and Geeks OUT HBIC Jono Jarrett!

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Geeks OUT is totally into Spandex

Spandex: Fast and Hard, Martin Eden's new hc collection featuring the adventures of the world's first all-queer superhero team, is reliably campy, funny, and sexy, with more than a little noir. We've always been fans of "Fast and Hard" and this is no exception.

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