Wonder Woman

Meanwhile, in amazing cross-gender cosplay . . . ...continue »
Ah, December! Holidays. Vacations. And not only do we get a reprieve from work, but our comics do too! Next week the only comics coming out are Aquaman, JLA, and the last issue of Amazing Spider-man, so this week we're loaded up with 'queeros!...continue »
Hey Betches! We're back this week doing a round up of great queers in comics. From Batwoman's mind-blowing pages courtesy of JH Williams, Wonder Woman's decidedly incongruent appearances in her solo title and Justice League, Astonishing X-men, MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC (OMG!!!!), and much much more....continue »
I'm gonna be an Andy Rooney this week: Solicits these days, oh my gosh! Change makes me grumpy!! Batwoman, X-Factor, Minutemen, Wonder Woman!...continue »
We're back this week talking about the new betch on campus, Cullen Row in Batman #12, Kevin Keller and his trip to the London Olympics (and betchy ex-bfs), J.H. William's return to art on Batwoman, Wonder Woman, the Young Masters' guest appearance in Avengers Academy, and the great facepalm of Karma's perpetual victimization in New Mutants... and much more! ...continue »
Wonder Woman strikes twice this week, Julie Power has no power (I blame the derecho [actually, that's a great code name...]), and maybe we'll meet back up with the boys from XFI! Plus Constantine, Karma, Daken, and Mystique!...continue »
You're a wonder, WonderCon! And so is this dude for being man enough to do this for his own li'l Amazon princess. WERRRQ! ...continue »
Out beefcake John Barrowman recently wowed audiences with his renditions of the theme songs from campy 70s television shows Spider-Man and Wonder Woman ...continue »