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This is Part 1of 2 of an informal essay regarding gender stereotypes in JRPG character archetypes and their analyses. This part focuses on the Protagonists, Love Interests, and Bromance characters in JRPGs. ...continue »
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We need representation in video games because we are playing video games. But for those unfamiliar with the world of gaming (or for those who wonder why the queer community is facing this difficulty), there are some important questions to ask. ...continue »
Anita Sarkeesian, founder of the YouTube channel Feminist Frequency, explores the trend that sexualizes female characters in video games. ...continue »
Jungles! Loinclothes! Bloodthirsty orcs! Spears made out of mammoth teeth! Shields made out of shark teeth! Axes made out of other axes! I think! Welcome to the savage land of the World of Warcraft's most recent expansion: Warlords of Draenor! *Bloodthirsty Ogre Noises* ...continue »
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