Someone accuses John Green of being a "creep" on Tumblr. John Green escalates it by responding as if he were accused of being a pedophile. The internet rushes blindly and immediately to his defense. John Green, I suspect, gets exactly what he wanted. ...continue »
'Dana' is a better name than 'Maynard' and that's saying something. ...continue »
Welcome to your weekly TW recap. This show is a gift. ...continue »
Alright, so I may have found a bag of candy at work and eaten nearly 2/3's of a bag of sweet tarts. Warning, this recap may be more exciting than the episode actually was. ...continue »
Probably the funniest thing I've ever read. ...continue »
Are you reading this? Everyone should be reading this...continue »
He cheated on me. We broke up. He moved out and I was left with figuring out how to move on. Then I found Teen Wolf. ...continue »