In the season ten finale things get dark. REALLY dark. ...continue »
Things go from bad to worse for the Winchester boys. And they were really bad already. ...continue »
One Winchester lies to another and the consequences are horrible. As usual. ...continue »
Castiel and Dean adopt a teenage girl. Pretty much. ...continue »
In an increasingly desperate bid to save Dean, Sam opens up a whole big box of problems. ...continue »
Who has it worse: Cas stuck on the worst road trip ever or Sam, Dean and Charlie reading the creepiest book of all time? ...continue »
Bobby is BACK, along with pretty much everyone else. ...continue »
In this weeks episode we learn that why dating artists may be a bad idea, that Rowena holds a serious grudge and that Dean has something to confess. ...continue »
A pair of soldiers return from overseas carrying much more than bad memories, and Cole is there to help the Winchesters track the monsters down. ...continue »
The father of Murder returns and more than lives up to his name. Also FEELS. ...continue »