Steven has Onion over for a playdate. Awwww. They play silly nonsensical kid games until Onion has to leave. Steven sympathizes with Onion for not having many friends. The following day, Onion comes around, but instead of staying put, Onion drags Steven off through town, passing Onion’s parents painting some tasteful nudes (That boy’s gonna need therapy). ...continue »
Time for the next two recaps. I’d have done one last week for us but was representing this little squad of geeks known as Geeks OUT at PAX West in Seattle. Tally ho, gem fans! ...continue »
Steven and Connie visit the local library for some word porn… err reading, then Stevonnie has some mental hangups that prohibit their training from moving forward. ...continue »
This week sees season 3 transform into 4. I don’t quite get the logic, but whatever. This is also the last solid week of Steven for the summer. Let’s talk about gems! ...continue »
It's been quite a heavy week of episodes. ...continue »
Steven, in his quest to find something new to eat at a place with an ostensibly fixed menu, accidentally sparks a Beach City restaurant war. ...continue »
Steven Universe's representation of alternative forms of family proves you don't have to have a family that fits the traditional mode to have meaningful, loving relationships ...continue »
OK! Format change! There’s a new episode of Steven Universe every night this summer. Rather than dominate this blog with SU Overload, I will be doing bite-sized recaplets of the week’s episodes right here. Short sweet and so much Steven. So let’s get started! ...continue »