Orson Scott Card

Friday, Nov. 1 USED to just be the day some movie opens wide here in the States, but with SEVEN official Skip Ender's Game events in cities across the nation, it's become the night to do something AWESOME with queer geeks instead—and NO money goes to hateful homophobes! ...continue »
Reaffirming their support in general for the LGBT community, Lionsgate unfortunately misses the point of Skip Ender's Game. The PR disasters just keep coming for Orson Scott Card and his movie! ...continue »
In their push for more of your moviegoing dollars, Ender's Game producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci completely miss the point—again—to the Wall Street Journal. ...continue »
Whether you think a writer’s works should speak for themselves, or whether no great work can be read without context, between now and November, you’re likely to have no shortage of debate around sci-fi’s most hotly debated author....continue »
Creative queer voices all across the geek community are making themselves heard over the OSC Superman controversy. Thanks to Zeus Comics for pointing Adam WarRock out to us!...continue »
Awesome gay geek website Fanboys of the Universe presents a fantastic commentary on the Orson Scott Card controversy and how we each can make a positive impact. ...continue »
Dallas's Richard Neal, owner of Zeus Comics and Collectibles and friend of Geeks OUT, becomes the first retailer to stand up and refuse to carry Orson Scott Card's Superman book....continue »