Nichelle Nichols

Star Trek actress and NASA recruiter Nichelle Nichols recently did an AMA on Reddit and was as charming and gracious as we have come to expect from this living legend. Nichelle spoke about future (space) plans, being an icon, Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry and many other topics. ...continue »
Legendary performer, NASA recruiter and intergalactic treasure Nichelle Nichols suffered a mild stroke at her home on June 3rd. Let's take a look at who Nichelle Nichols is and why she's one of the world's most influential people. ...continue »
The trailblazing Star Trek cast member sits down with the Arch-Android Tightrope walker...continue »
Tweeting a photo from the Oval Office, Star Trek icon Nichelle Nichols proves President Obama is the Commander-in-Geek. ...continue »