A look at how censorship in comics helped to create the queer comix movement. ...continue »
Queer comics pioneer Howard Cruse recently posted a panorama strip from 1984 showing how the theme of pride can resonate through all types of people, across many generations, and in a variety of different ways. ...continue »
Last weekend, I went to the Brooklyn Zine Festival where I had the pleasure of meeting Elvis Bakaitis, and picked up one of their "Homos in Herstory" comic zines. I chose the "1920s Edition" which is the latest in the series. Also available were 1970s" and "19th Century" along with "Twinks for Sale," a zine exploring the notion of the female-bodied twink! ...continue »
Radiolab muses on the troubled but inspiring life, work, and death of Alan Turing. His genius helped the Allies win WWII and sparked the idea of artificial intelligence, but his homosexuality made him an outcast and a criminal. ...continue »