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Kate Beaton continues to be amazing. ...continue »
Geeks OUT's own Patrick Yacco and Jono Jarrett jawbone with the #1 LGBT nerd radio show ON A WHOLE OTHER CONTINENT (Australia), the very fun and fabulous SCIFI & SQUEAM. One hemisphere is never enough! ...continue »
This week begins our run up to TAKEI BACK THE NIGHT, Geeks OUT's celebration in art of the one and only George Takei, in honor of his 75th birthday on April 20. Let's take a look at what YouTube has for us to enjoy. ...continue »
In this pretty SFW video, the Steam Room Stories guys talk nerdy to one another. Grab a towel! ...continue »
Listen up, queers! Jono and Joey join Flame On! from the Nerdy Show, the hottest queer comics and sci-fi pop culture podcast EVAH. We discuss Takei Back the Night, whether Poseidon in Wonder Woman should be hotter, and why Geeks OUT won't travel where there's not hot tubs. ...continue »
Geeks OUT turns one! Thanks for an exciting and successful year! ...continue »
Next Magazine ran a great article on being a queer geek and interviewed some Geeks OUT members to help spell it all out. Thanks for the shout-out, Next! ...continue »
We're having a fantastic time at New York Con! Thank you to all the friends, fans and family members who helped get us here! ...continue »