Geeks OUT

Writer and artist Jesse Lonergan wants you to shake your moneymaker with the superheroes, geek icons, and pop culturati kickin' it on his footloose blog. Shall we dance? ...continue »
Making 2012 yet again a banner year in history-making strides for LGBT Americans, newly elected Senator Tammy Baldwin becomes first out lesbian in the Senate! ...continue »
THE GEEKS AT NIGHT ARE BIG AND QUEER, DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS! Geeks OUT talks to the creator and star of The Variants, Richard Neal, about owning a gay comics store in Dallas, and DR Mann Hanson about his upcoming Geeks OUT event, which is also in Texas! ...continue »
The Brit comedian, actor, and filmmaker is one of geekdom's most eloquent, and adorable, ambassadors. WE LOVE YOU, SIMON! ...continue »
Kate Beaton continues to be amazing. ...continue »
Geeks OUT's own Patrick Yacco and Jono Jarrett jawbone with the #1 LGBT nerd radio show ON A WHOLE OTHER CONTINENT (Australia), the very fun and fabulous SCIFI & SQUEAM. One hemisphere is never enough! ...continue »
This week begins our run up to TAKEI BACK THE NIGHT, Geeks OUT's celebration in art of the one and only George Takei, in honor of his 75th birthday on April 20. Let's take a look at what YouTube has for us to enjoy. ...continue »
In this pretty SFW video, the Steam Room Stories guys talk nerdy to one another. Grab a towel! ...continue »