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An overzealous reporter "outed" the famed actor after he tweeted support for Ellen Page. "Make it so!" ...continue »
Friday, Nov. 1 USED to just be the day some movie opens wide here in the States, but with SEVEN official Skip Ender's Game events in cities across the nation, it's become the night to do something AWESOME with queer geeks instead—and NO money goes to hateful homophobes! ...continue »
The fan-favorite's vision problems have taken a turn for the worst, possibly requiring major surgery to save the vision in his left eye entirely, reports Perez on his Facebook page. ...continue »
Reaffirming their support in general for the LGBT community, Lionsgate unfortunately misses the point of Skip Ender's Game. The PR disasters just keep coming for Orson Scott Card and his movie! ...continue »
Out star of stage and screen Sarah Paulson reflects on being an actress in Sigourney Weaver's world. ...continue »
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The sharp and sassy cast of the award-winning web-series GAY NERDS pay heartfelt tribute to Susan Alexandra Weaver on the eve of DREAM WEAVER. ...continue »