Jungles! Loinclothes! Bloodthirsty orcs! Spears made out of mammoth teeth! Shields made out of shark teeth! Axes made out of other axes! I think! Welcome to the savage land of the World of Warcraft's most recent expansion: Warlords of Draenor! *Bloodthirsty Ogre Noises* ...continue »
Welcome, delicious friend, to agender gaming in a London...somewhat darker than the one you may know. ...continue »
Superstar panelists Anita Sarkeesian (Feminist Frequency), Katherine Cross (Nuclear Unicorn), and Carolyn Petit (GameSpot) uplift a large audience at GaymerX2. ...continue »
April 11 & 12 a different kind of games conference is space invading Brooklyn. ...continue »
I'm not disappointed, I'm just skeptical. ...continue »
The Ru Paul's Drag Race crowd favorite dishes on video games, cosplay and Grace Jones before a rapt group of gaymers in San Francisco. ...continue »
Check the video and the link. He's using the F*ggot...continue »