game of thrones

Our weekly recap, also know as "Once again, a lot of people got killed on Game of Thrones." Bewareth of Spoilers! ...continue »
New column! New Season! New gruesome murders and horrible intrigue! New chances at crying! ...continue »
They struck out north by northwest, across drylands and parched plains and pale sands toward Ghost Hill, the stronghold of House Toland, where the ship that would take them across the Sea of Dorne awaited them. "Send a raven whenever you have news," Prince Doran told her, "but report only what you know to be true....continue »
If you thought 2012 was awesome for nerds and geek culture, 2013 is going to be such an awesome year for geeks the word "cray" doesn't even begin to describe it. ...continue »
Just a mash note to towering British actress Gwendoline Christie, who's bringing warrior-maid realness to the beloved role of Brienne of Tarth. And who's a fucking knockout. ...continue »
Identical twins who perform a harp duet featuring the GOT intro theme? SOLD....continue »