episode recap

The father of Murder returns and more than lives up to his name. Also FEELS. ...continue »
Sam and Dean fast one of their most formidable foes yet...the internet? ...continue »
Dean is turned in to a teenager and faces the terrors of puberty all over again..including Taylor Swift? ...continue »
Charlie is back! And brings double the usual fun with her. And by fun I mean heart-wrenching pain. ...continue »
The midseason finale of Supernatural was all about family - and how those relationship can be pretty, well, killer. ...continue »
Demons, angels and witches! Oh my! This week's episode is packed with plot, fun and sob-worthy moments; find out how... ...continue »
In episode two of "Coven", we meet Louisiana's fiercest crocodile rights activist, see Fiona Goode get her hair did, and continue to roll our eyes at Zoe. ...continue »