The queens make a music video, the judges deliberate their final elimination, and the world sits on the edge of its collective seat for the next two weeks. ...continue »
Things get testy when the girls show off their family jewels. This ball offers so many opportunities for jokes that it's nuts. ...continue »
It takes more than one shot to turn these roosters into hens. ...continue »
Cher's mother and son sign up to be interviewed by drag queens, not realizing that the results will be awkward enough to be classified as torture porn. ...continue »
The second half of the massive broadcast has more laughing, crying, and other mood swings than Joan Rivers on a whole medicine cabinet full of pills. ...continue »
In part one of the epic two-hour presentation, Ru makes it clear who's boss. She's Oprah, they're a bunch of cosmetic-selling Gayles. ...continue »
Classic hip-hop is like sausage: if you like it, don't watch what these drag queens do to it. ...continue »
The ladies fill the existential void in the season's most anticipated challenge. ...continue »
Did you ever dream about a community theater production of "Starlight Express" that used high heels instead of roller skates? No? Well here it is anyway. ...continue »
In which the contestants are basically encouraged to murder each other. ...continue »