Featuring the flamiest of Pokemon, Charmander, join us at the FDR Memorial as we look for shinies and Charmander Candy. Bonuses run only from 2pm and 5pm EST, so meet at the main entrance at 1:45pm. Meet at the pilars (indicated on Map) for fun fun fun!! ...continue »
FDR Memorial
1850 West Basin Dr SW
May 19, 2018
1:45 PM - 5:00 PM
To love yourself is a revolutionary act. You may be caught in despair, hopelessness, grief, and stifled by self hate. But there is a growing pool of support and love for you to jump into, courtesy of #QueerSelfLove. ...continue »
If you or someone you care about is "on the spectrum," or you're just an empathetic human being, read this essay. ...continue »
How many times can I say "butthole" in a review? Vague spoilers ahead. ...continue »