Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Cancellations, new love, new teammates, and returning bi-monthly mega-titles! It must be time for... SuperQueeros! ...continue »
Um, PAY DIRT, you guys! I've got SEVEN queer-inclusive titles, plus two possibles! To paraphrase Macklemore, "Peep game, come take a look through my Geek' Out post/Tryin' get gays from a comic? Got the hella most!" ...continue »
I'm a little under the weather, so I'm keeping this short, but I have a couple of new, lady-lovin' titles this week! PLUS, everybody's fav gAyPI is in Kevin Keller this week!!!!!!!!...continue »
Billy! Howlett! Husbands! And have you heard of Shining Knight? It's a whole lotta awesome this week in queer comics!...continue »
So many good comics this week! It may not be a large batch, but it's got spirit (read: good stories)!!! Billy the Vampire Slayer, Kevin Keller, Hisao-from-Morning-Glories, and Madame Xanadu? This week is almost as good as the week of October 24th will be!...continue »
Last month saw the birth of a new SuperQueero in the form of Captain James Howlett (what's up with these space-time-jumping captains, eh?) and this month we (hopefully!) get to find out if DCnU John Constantine has as fluid of a sexuality as his Vertigo counterpart!...continue »
The SuperQueeros this week are mostly speculation on my part, what with it being zero month in the DCnU, so I've arranged them in order of queer-cameo likelihood. And the first one is......continue »
Now, I don't think it's a far cry to say that Buffy has a strong following in the queer community. The messages of empowerment, overcoming oppression, and accepting one's full self all resonate deeply with the experience of queer kids....continue »
Tomorrow is Dragon Con Eve, you guys! AND some kick-as comics are coming out this week! Life is awesome!...continue »
Wait, it's Wednesday already?! Okay, here's a super-quick run-down, since I'm super-late for work!...continue »