black lightning

Discoveries abound as mysteries surrounding Gambi, green light, and metahumans come to light ★ SPOILERS ★ ...continue »
Secret upon secret seems to build up to what will likely be several Pierce family explosions ★ SPOILERS ★ ...continue »
A new drug coming into Freeland spark reactions from Jefferson and Anissa that will continue to shape this season ★ SPOILERS ★ ...continue »
In the third episode of DCTV's Black Lighting, we meet Grace Choi, see the continued impact of violence, and discover that Jennifer just can't get a break ★ SPOILERS ★ ...continue »
The second episode of DCTV's newest series features Judeo-Christian imagery, murder, and lesbians ★ SPOILERS ★ ...continue »
Black Lightning is the first piece of live action comics media that actually seems to welcome me—a Black lesbian—into the story ...continue »
The Geeks OUT Podcast is back, and this week Kevin (@Gilligan_McJew) is joined by Louie Pearlman (@Louie4711), as they discuss how Black Panther is already breaking records, wonder if Teen Titans Go! to the Movies will be a much needed palate cleanser for the DCEU, & celebrate Thunder from the CW's Black Lightning in This Week in Queer. ...continue »
Black Lightning's lesbian superhero daughter! Plus: HBO keeps us waiting a while longer for Game of Thrones. Meanwhile, Syfy picks up its own George R.R. Martin adaptation, Animaniacs returns, and Netflix finds its new, darker Sabrina the Teenage Witch. ...continue »
The very tail end of 2017 is a slooooow news week, but we've still got some tidbits worth discussing, even if one of them involves Nicolas Cage. ...continue »
This week in New Things: a new Blade Runner trailer, a new CW superhero (plus new seasons for two other series), a new Deadpool cartoon, and New Mutants! Plus: another CW superhero comes out in real life, and an appreciation of queer sexuality in the game 2064: Read Only Memories. ...continue »