american horror story

Fiona is visited by "ghosts" from her past, Queenie goes hunting, and Luke receives a holy enema. ...continue »
Join the ladies of the Robichaux Academy as they luxuriate in gruesome spa treatments, engage in group sex with the deceased, and make burger runs at 3am. ...continue »
The girls at the Robichaux Academy learn that spirit boards discovered in secret rooms are hidden for a reason. ...continue »
Details of Stevie Nicks' guest-appearance on "American Horror Story: Coven" have been summoned. ...continue »
Zoe channels her inner Ash Williams. Spalding deals with the onset of rigor mortis. Oh, and a witch gets roasted. ...continue »
Myrtle Snow and the Council blow into town to investigate a witch gone missing while Marie Laveau takes a game of "Dead Rising" to the extreme. ...continue »
Incest. Bestiality. Affronts to Jesus Christ. If it wasn't another episode of "American Horror Story", I'd presume this was a posting about the latest conservative rant regarding homosexuality. ...continue »