alan turing

In the latest teaser trailers for Benedict Cumberbatch's Alan Turing biopic, the homosexuality of the celebrated Enigma codebreaker is almost completely shrouded in coded language. Thanks, Hollywood! ...continue »
Eugene Goostman becomes the first chatbot to pass the Turing Test. ...continue »
WWII codebreaker and early father of the computer Alan Turing should be a national hero. Instead he's still a criminal, guilty of being a homosexual after almost singlehandedly helping Great Britain survive and win the War. Finally, Parliament may change that. ...continue »
Alan Turing almost single-handedly helped defeat Germany in WWII by breaking the Enigma code and laid many of the foundations for today's modern computer. We think he deserves a Cumberbatch, don't you?...continue »
Radiolab muses on the troubled but inspiring life, work, and death of Alan Turing. His genius helped the Allies win WWII and sparked the idea of artificial intelligence, but his homosexuality made him an outcast and a criminal. ...continue »