Agents of SHADE

If you like action movies, you should probably read this. ...continue »
This is no time to listen to "Burning Down the House." ...continue »
Oh boy. Ooooh boy. A lot of abuse talk under the cut. ...continue »
Let's talk about how many puns I can make with the word 'agency.' ...continue »
Brainwashing may be reduced to a sci fi trope more often than not, which can remove the agency of abuse victims that have experienced something very real and scarily similar. ...continue »
On this week's Agents of SHADE, I read fans that try to force the "Strong Female Character" archetype onto every female character they see. Also, check out the GeeksOut store for Strong Female Character tee shirts! ...continue »
Welcome to Agents of SHADE (thank you, Patrick) a weekly discussion of social issues on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. ...continue »