Kickstarter We're Into: The Sun and the Wayward Wind

The Sun and the Wayward Wind—a full-color comics and illustration anthology that explores and reimagines legends and lore from North America—is back. And that's good news. If you're like me, a backer of the original campaign, you were probably pretty devastated when they missed their fundraising goal earlier this year. It was unexpected for a number of reasons, not least of which was that the voices they’re promoting are so critically in need in amplification. I cannot be the only one who was the literal manifestation of the "shut up and take my money" meme, the moment my editor shared the link with me. But let's not open up old wounds. Let's talk about why this time the campaign is going to kick Kickstarter ass!

The anthology is an exploration of the legends and lore of North America, both historical and contemporary. And while that alone would be enough to pique my interest, that fact that it's being published by The Dandelion Wine Collective lets me know I’ll be getting an anthology packed full of the unique art and diverse voices that a theme like that deserves. (Sighs a breath of much needed appreciation.)

The Dandelion Wine Collective is a small press publishing company based in Baltimore, founded by Paloma Hernando and Sunmi, who describe themselves as a small press publishing company that focuses on "uplifting marginalized voices and supporting the careers of diverse creators." Which is something all of us can get behind.
But let's take a look at what makes this campaign worth your investment.

  • 28 creators packing a 180-page softcover book with imaginative awesomeness!
  • Totally badass comic artists like Aglennco, Celia Lowenthal, Raven Warner, and Vreni Stollberger, along with some illustrators I haven't seen before but am already pumped to see more of, like Emily Roberts and Hannah Schwartzkopf, just to name a few.
  • The Extras! THE EXTRAS! I'm always a sucker for the swag, and while they are offering traditional rewards like digital wallpaper, PDFs, and postcards, there are also embroidered patches from guest artists, full body character commissions, and original watercolor paintings.
  • A special tier for retailers and libraries (YAY!) to order the book wholesale. Just another way to support small business and libraries.

While there are surely many worthy projects fundraising right now, this project in particular hits so many of my sweet spots. Folding personal stories into the folklore of North American history is just so ripe with possibilities, and from the sneak peeks we've seen, it looks like The Sun and the Wayward Wind has brought together the perfect mix of creative talent to really do this theme justice. For a country that has not often celebrated its diversity and complex history, having this anthology produced is just another small step in getting those voices heard. The book, however, is so aesthetically compelling, it'd be easy to forget you're actually doing something worthwhile by supporting it, and just get lost in the lore.

Now go to Kickstarter and back this campaign. I want my book. And so should you.

on November 21, 2017

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