A Customizable Form Response to Hollywood Whitewashing

HOLLYWOOD—Fans were disappointed when __________ was cast as __________ in a forthcoming adaptation of __________ , marking the __________ time in recent memory that a character of color was whitewashed for the big screen. Producers cite __________ as the reason for the casting, and ask fans to keep an open mind. “This movie is going to be __________ !” But fans are not moved by this transparent attempt at using slang to make the producers seem more relatable to the very audience whose identities this casting erases.

The director of __________ thinks the casting will work well. “__________ is an iconic character that a lot of audiences can relate to. That’s undeniable.” And in a paraphrase that has been widely criticized for being inappropriate and insensitive, added: “What we love about characters like this is not the color of their skin, but the content of their character. So in a way, this is actually a move toward inclusion.”

Executive producer __________ says their weren’t any performers of a “visibly __________ ” ethnicity available for the film’s shooting schedule, but wants to assure audiences that race had nothing to do with the decision to cast __________ in the role. The studio has promised that the success of this film will pave the way for more diverse content in the future.

Lifelong fan __________ is not so confident. “I grew up with __________ . I saw myself in __________ and was inspired by __________ .” Prominent blogger __________ had this to add: “I think it’s time for filmmakers to acknowledge this practice for what it is: straight up racist __________ . And these casting directors can literally go __________ themselves in the __________ with a __________ for continuing to do this __________ .”

This impassioned perspective is shared by many fans. __________ was first created by __________ and was the first __________ character to appear anywhere in mainstream media. Since then, __________ has become a symbol of __________ to __________ people everywhere, especially in the LGBTQ community.

“So, naturally, when we heard we would finally be getting a live action version of __________ , we were cautiously optimistic. And he we are, again. But we’ll remember this on opening night, when instead of going to see __________ , we stay home with a __________ and a bottle of __________ and think about what could have been.”

__________ is scheduled for release in __________ . The studio is confident that it will be the box office smash of the year and lead to a series of sequels and spin-offs.

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