Geek Girl Crush Corner: Brie Larson

Welcome back to Geek Girl Crush Corner! Where Manders and Tricialicious swoon over hot geeky ladies and fill you in on why they're awesome! Today, we’re talking about Brie Larson playing Captain Marvel in the upcoming film by the same name. fans face. She’s hot, fights for all the ladies, and actually has an outfit that she can effectively kick ass in. Here are five reasons why we're crushing so hard right now, and super pumped about this film!

1. We love a woman in uniform

Tricialicious: First off, Brie Larson is gorgeous as hell. Duh. But the fact that her costume is just as kick ass as Captain Marvel is perfect. I hate when sheroes are dressed in such impractical clothing for fighting. It doesn’t make sense and we know who it’s catering to.

Manders: I honestly haven’t followed Brie Larson’s career before this. But as Captain Marvel? Well, that changes things. Now I’m going to become a super fan. (Get it?)

Tricialicious: Bah haha, good one, Manders!

2. Her Commitment to the character

Manders: I love a lady who’s committed to getting the feel of the character right. She has said that she knows that Captain Marvel is incredibly inspiring to people and means a lot. If she jumps into this role head first it’s definitely going to become one of my favorite superhero movies. Just give me movies for all of the female superheroes now please!

Tricialicious: OMG, RIGHT? A lady who’s totally devoted to her job, and wants to be, longs to be, committed to such an integral role as Carol Danvers for us ladies out here to look up to and live in her feminist awesomeness? Yes. Please! Look at what she said about her commitment to her role as Captain Marvel with her interview with Entertainment Weekly!:

"[The] response was really positive, and that felt really cool. I mean, making movies is hard, and making films of that size is even harder. It requires so much physically, and it’s a lot longer shoot, and there’s also the pressure because this is a character that is incredibly inspiring to people and means a lot. So you just want to get it right. I feel really excited about how everything is shaping up."

3. Her Feminism is Intersectional

Tricialicious: Ah, so not only is Larson beautiful, those eyes, sooo dreamy! They make me all melty and swoony...

Manders: Girl, focus. laughs

Tricialicious: coughs Yes! So she’s ridiculously hot, and fights for women! That’s my kind of lady! And intersectionality is so important. Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel fights for all women. Intersectional Feminism is the movement that expresses that while all women face discrimination, it’s not all the same. Women of color and queer women, for example, face different kinds of discrimination than White women, and all forms of discrimination needs to be fought against by all women. Captain Marvel is looked up to by so many women. Even in the comic book industry, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Kahn) by G. Willow Wilson, is a Pakistani-American girl (and a Muslim) who takes up Captain Marvel’s mantle as Ms. Marvel. Captain Marvel reminds Kamala that her own identity is important. She doesn’t have to be White, tall, and have big boobs to be powerful and lovable. She’s perfect just the way she is. I teared up in that issue. And Larson has been listening to women of color and queer women to really give voice to all women. She wants to live the values of Captain Marvel onscreen and off. Which is really the most gorgeous feature of all. Swoons

Manders: Brains and beauty? Sign me up please! Female representation is super important. But inclusive representation is essential. If your feminism isn’t intersectional, it isn’t really feminism. Listening and supporting all women is the embodiment of Captain Marvel. This movie is hella exciting and important, but we also need a Ms. Marvel film.

Tricialicious: For real! Starts composing letter in head to Marvel begging them to do this.

4. Female Screenwriter Geneva Robertson-Dworet

Tricialicious: Let’s face it, dude bros just don't know how to write for women. Many utterly fail at this. Especially in the comic book industry where, until Wonder Woman, female-led superhero movies have just embarrassingly flopped. Not only that, but women in the comic book industry have to fight every single day to remind dude bros that they're valid, and integral to this male-saturated industry. They get harassed all the time. So, to all of the strong women who step up, shine, and fight on, they are truly the heroes.

Manders: I second, third, and fourth that, Tricialicious. Whether it’s Game of Thrones or the Avengers (side eyes Joss), you can just tell when female characters are written by men. Having ladies at the helm gives this movie a better chance of not turning into a two-hour dude fantasy.

5. Female-Driven Movies

Manders: From Wonder Woman to Atomic Blonde, action movies with female leads are kicking ass at the box office. They’re quality movies with attractive leads kicking ass. It’s the perfect combination, especially when these ladies are taking on dudes. I can just image all of the amazing fight scenes that Brie will be in...yep, imagining it now is pretty marvelous.

Tricialicious: Well played, Manders! The long and the short of it is that we need more women-driven movies created by and starring women. I’m done with my entertainment being created for and driven by a cis het dude audience. Women need characters and stories to remind us that we are powerful, and not just because of (some of) our affect on men, or how sexable we are. I'm so over that shit. I'm really looking forward to this movie, and seeing more success in the box office for powerhouse ladies.

Well, that's all we have for you today, but don't worry, we're here, we're queer, we're super into ladies, and we're super fun, so share away! And see you next time at Geek Girl Crush Corner!

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on August 29, 2017

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