Agents of SHIELD Mid-Season Finale Recap: The Laws of Inferno Dynamics (Yo-Yo’s back!)

Last Time on AoS: Deals with Our Devils (Aida Saves the Day)

So, the new Director was made slightly more human in this episode? Which is good—I still don’t like him, but it was cool seeing him using his powers and actually being a part of the team. And his explanation for sending Simmons away.

Yo-Yo, Ghost Rider, and Quake were the team-up I hadn’t realized I wanted all season. For a show with lots of superpowered characters, we don’t get nearly enough of the characters using their superpowers. Yo-Yo being taken out right away was such a let-down (which was then made-up for later in the episode when her powers helped Couslon & co win the day). We haven’t seen nearly enough of her this season and also WHERE THE HELL IS JOEY!?

May's already annoyed about her arc for the rest of the season

Also, I need Yo-Yo and Mack to just drop the crap. How many dates have they been on? How many times have they hooked up? Or have they just been having angsty teen crushes on each other without ever smooching? Because zzZzzZzzZzz. Even their kiss at the end felt a little forced.

Also also, do you wonder how much SHIELD pays people like Yo-Yo? Is she considered PT or freelance? Or is SHIELD the kinda place that doesn’t pay and just tells her it’s great “exposure” for her superhero career?

Daisy and her eyeliner.

“I can’t believe she’s a robot—she’s so…life-like.”
“Thank you, I’m learning.”

The interaction between Daisy and Aida legit gave me Buffy and Buffybot nostalgia. After last week, Aida has quickly become a favorite. Although, with the way this episode ended—she’s probably going to be the season’s Big Bad…right?

The Eli and Ghost rider wrap up (or non-wrap up) was kinda anti-climactic. I thought Eli was gonna be the season’s Big Bad but he lasted like, 3 episodes (one of which he was barely in) as the villain. Even though he was the reason for the ghosts…

"This dialogue is probably plot device-y and won't actually make sense"

I still don’t quite understand what was going on with Eli but that might be because I found him and his “evil twist” completely uninspired and was only half paying attention. I wish his story had been wrapped up in a way that allowed Ghost Rider to pop up from time to time the way Deathlok used to (speaking of characters who just seem to disappear).

So, how are we supposed to feel about Aida? Her getting shot and feeling the pain was relatively heartbreaking but…then she snapped that dude’s neck at the end and captured May. Also, do we need another May clone? We already had that one gf of Ward’s who was wearing May’s face. But, I think Aida could make for the show’s most interesting villain to date.

Brb, flying into the sky real quick

I was even kinda into May and Coulson finally sharing that drink together—even if this recent adventure felt like a day at the beach compared to their others. I don’t ship them at all, I love their friendship but it was cute to see two characters sitting down for a drink together even if one of them was probably a life model decoy. Sigh.

The Good: Yo-Yo! The Director fighting the agents! Daisy's cool leap into the sky!
The Medium:  Aida’s evil turn
The Bad:  Ghost Rider getting trapped in wherever hell it was that he and Eli were teleported to—and the fact that Ghost Rider and Mack didn’t kiss

Grade: Avengers: Age of Ultron (not the best, but good set up for future stories)

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on December 8, 2016

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