Westworld Recap S01E09: The Well-Tempered Clavier

In ‘The Well-Tempered Clavier’, Logan has William and Dolores tied up at their camp. Logan is a major with the Confederados. William tells Logan that Dolores is different and wants Logan to break her out of the park. Logan is letting Dolores get man handled. Logan shows him a picture of his sister, the same picture that Abernacky found on his ranch. Logan guts Dolores like a fish and opens her up to see her insides, metal parts. Dolores grabs a gun and slashes Logan in the face and shot some Confederados. She runs out into the desert and hears Arnold. She stands up and his perfectly fine. Are what we seeing with Logan and William flashbacks? She finds the dug-out town and finds the church from her flashbacks. She goes to the confessional and finds an elevator to a basement. She goes to where she’s had the interviews we’ve seen in previous episodes.

‘This park seduces everyone’. Logan wakes up drunk to find everyone murdered. We see more robotic ligaments, hinting again at the past. William hacked up all of the Confederados. He gets Logan to help him find Dolores.

Teddy wakes up. He remembers that he helped Wyatt with the massacre, and then he turned on Teddy. We find out that it was actually Teddy killed everyone in the town. And he’s killed again and the man in black is knocked out. He wakes up tied with a noose around his neck that is tied up to his horse. Charlotte, the board member, finds the man in black. She wants him, another board member, to push him out.

Maeve is being interviewed by Bernard. She’s lying to him about why she attacked Clementine. He notices all of the changes that was made. She tells Bernard that he’s a host and he doesn’t remember from before. She’s able to control Bernard. ‘It’s a difficult thing, realizing your life is a terrible fiction.’ She gets him to clear her to return to the park. Bernard goes down to Ford’s office looking for answers.

Ford is in the basement with the retired hosts to meet with Bernard. Bernard finds out that he was built by Arnold. He suspects that Ford killed Arnold. He woke up Clementine to hurt Ford if doesn’t bring back Bernards memories and bring him back out of the memories. Bernard is brought back to his memories. He sees that he killed Elsie as well as Theresa. ‘A little trauma can be illuminating’. Ford sends Bernard back to his earliest memory. He brings his son back to life. He opens his eyes to his first awakening as a host. The Bernard/Arnold theories are true!! We see that Arnold was the one interviewing Dolores the whole time. And that Dolores killed Arnold! She’s in the present, arises out of the church as the man in black enters. Bernard has had this revelation before. Ford has a backdoor in all of the hosts so Clementine can’t kill him, and has Bernard kill himself.

With two big reveals this episode, I can’t wait to see what the season finale has in store.

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on November 29, 2016

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