What We're Thankful For

2016 has been a bumpy ride in many ways, but that doesn't mean we don't have plenty of geeky and gay things to be thankful for! Here's what the Geeks OUT contributors counted among their blessings.

Aria Baci: I'm thankful that The Hernandez Brothers have revived their Love and Rockets comics in magazine format! I'm thankful that after 75 years, Wonder Woman has finally been confirmed as queer! But most of all, I'm thankful for all the real-life queer people who won't back down in the face of adversity.

And thank goddess, she's finally getting her own feature in 2017!

John Balash: I'm thankful for this wonderful website, my friends, family, and that geek culture is now so entrenched in pop culture, including Civil War, Doctor Strange, Stranger Things, and comic books!!!

JL Barnaby: I'm thankful for finding a community within the queer communty that celebrates differences while sharing a love for geeky stuff and fandoms galore. (And especially for providing a forum to develop ideas and write about said stuff.)

Nick Barsuli: I am thankful for the love and support I receive daily from my fiancé.

Alexa Cassaro: I'm thankful for my bun Swizzle, even though he is a savage, my LGBTQIA friends and fans, the most generous and influential people I've ever met, and Pokémon especially Trubbish for being my mascot.

Ian Carlos Crawford: I'm thankful for Buffy being on Netflix, pugs, all my queer friends (and wonderful allies), and that my parents didn't vote for Trump.

Jon Espino: I am thankful for hope. It shines in the darkest recesses and can multiply exponentially even if it only starts out the size of an amoeba. You can find hope anywhere. I find it in film and writing. I find it in my community, made up of like-minded individuals like all the wonderful people who make up the Geeks OUT crew. In a world where most recently it seems like all the horrors have been released from Pandora's Box, I'm thankful that inside there is still hope.

Kevin Gilligan: I'm thankful for having found my queer community through my geek identity.

Jenna Hale: I'm thankful for more female superheroes leading their own comics. Specific favorites are the new Invincible Iron Man, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel and Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat!

Eli Knight: I'm just happy to see trans representation by trans authors and to have found families that aren't related by blood.

Justin Lockwood: I'm thankful for Jillian Holtzmann, the new Rocky Horror (I know many disliked it, but I really needed the life affirming "don't dream it, be it" message after the election!), and the chance to write about all of America, including queers, people of color, and kick ass women for Geeks OUT.

Amanda M: This year, I'm thankful for my fiancé proposing to me, Doctor Who Power of the Daleks remake, the Hamilton Mixtapes, and the "I rebel" line in the Rogue One trailer.

Trish McNeely: This year I'm thankful for getting to interview the magnificent Mags Visaggio, creator of Kim and Kim. I'm thankful for Jade Street Protection Agency that explores autism and friendship, and has strong female characters. I'm also so grateful for the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon!

Mark Miller: I’m thankful for DC's Legends of Tomorrow because it: 1: highlights DC Comics' lesser known characters; 2: gives a spotlight to my favorite characters, Firestorm and Obsidian; 3: has one of the most diverse casts on TV; and 4: is one of the most fun TV shows right now.

PS: If you’re going to rely on the same old boxed stuffing, I recommend adding dried cranberries, diced green apple, and sautéed leeks to it. You can thank me later.

Shaun N.: I'm thankful for a third season of "Salem" and the upcoming America Chavez book!

Brian Olsen: I’m thankful that the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special is giving me something to look forward to right now. I’m also thankful for all the wonderful, talented, beautiful Geeks Out people I’ve met this year, at Flame Con and through this site! (But mostly Doctor Who.)

I, Gavin Rehfeldt, am thankful that even though 2016 is a shit storm I have been able to engage with the geeky interests I love, old and new, and take comfort in them. I've also been able to share and discuss them with lovely diverse people and have them share back, namely: Over the Garden Wall, musical theater legend Susan Johnson, Stranger Things, Kate McKinnon, Westworld, Ash vs Evil Dead, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the Archie reboot, Miles Morales, Kingdom Come, Grant Morrison, Steve Orlando, dim sum, architecture, and, as always, Björk. Now, let's get to 2017 already.

Adam Sass I'm thankful for Twin Peaks returning in 2017, Sigourney Weaver in the Defenders, and for all the fantastic gay YA novels coming out in the next year.

Jon Shutt: I am grateful for the support and love of friends and family, even when things seem darkest. A sense of community is something to be thankful for.

Joey Stern: I'm thankful for the hard working bloggers/volunteers/coordinators of Geeks OUT and Flame Con.

Aaron Tabak: I'm thankful for everything that's reminded me that none of us are alone out here.

Stephen Tollafield: I’m thankful for writers Chuck Wendig, Claudia Gray, E.K. Johnston, and Jason Aaron who populated the Star Wars galaxy in 2016 with strong LGBT canon characters like Conder Kyl, Kaeden Larte, Dr. Aphra and more. And because The Force Awakens came out last December, I will also express gratitude this Thanksgiving for Oscar Isaac’s portrayal of Poe Dameron and the lip bite that launched a thousand ships!