Kickstarters We're Into: Stripling Warrior!

Stripling Warrior became the first Gay Morman Superhero comic last year. Brian Andersen, a Mormon gay man, is the author. It is illustrated by gay man James Neish. Today, the comic represents more of the queer community.

It features a married Mormon gay man: Samuel Sheppard, and his bisexual Mormon husband: Jase. Also included in the cast are a lesbian woman named Fe Fernandez, and her trans wife, Shonda. And they’re superheroes. The comic uses actual myths from Mormonism to create a thrilling story about fighting Cain, the first killer in the Bible, whom this story shapes as an evil CEO and cult leader in the present. There is finally a comic that explores the emotional angst, and intolerance, that queers face by others in their religion! Stripling Warrior explores, and proclaims, that queerness is not a sin, and that queer sex is not a sin. Sex in a religious sphere is seldom talked about, or explored, so it’s AWESOME— and important— that this comic is sex positive. Andersen states that shame is a tool often used in the religious realm to control people. He believes that “Shame causes people to end their lives. Shame (and fear) morph into hatred, and hatred leads to horrible attacks on others.”

Fe Fernandez and Shonda

Right now, Andersen has launched a campaign to try to raise funds to create a hardback edition of the three original issues, and will include two new stories that are 58 pages in length! Click Here to donate and make this dream - shared by Andersen, and many Queer religious minorities - a reality!

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on September 19, 2016

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