Geeks OUT and About: Brooklyn

Okay so you’re at Flame Con 2 and want to venture out in the epicenter of cool, the nexus of hipster reality; the bastion of badassery known as Brooklyn.

Here’s a guide to some must see shops and bars starting in Williamsburg.

Take the L train (before it shuts down in 2019) to the Lorimer stop and check out Desert Island, one of my favorite New York comic shops. While the name implies it’s dry and devoid of life, Desert Island is a lush paradise, full of indie and small press comics, as well as books from the big publishers. Another reason to visit regularly is the ever changing window mirage, er display, that is as cool and creative as the comics they sell.

Desert Island
540 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn NY 11211
Mon-Sat 12-9 pm, Sun 12-7 pm

Still searching for that NKOTB Danny trading card or a pack of unopened Garbage Pail Kids? Well my friend search no more because PopFuzz has all that and more! I stumbled upon this store while wandering around Williamsburg and felt like I walked back into my childhood. PopFuzz carries, vintage toys, comics, trading cards, and other pop culture ephemera you forgot about and now you can’t live without.

123 Wythe Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Monday to Sunday noon to 9 pm

If you’re an RPG gaymer you’ve got shopping options in the Big Apple. I mentioned The Compleat Strategist in my last post but since this is a guide to Brooklyn, check out 20 Sided Store. Bring your whole party since this store has a retail component and a gaming area. If your health bar is running low from an epic campaign they even sell snacks. Check out their Instagram to see what’s in store should you roll the dice.

Closer to the Flame Con venue you’ll find Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.. where you can pick up some last minute cosplay essentials, a superhero book, or great geeky gift! You can shop and feel like a hero since all of Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co’s profits go directly funds 826NYC, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting students, ages 6-18, with their writing skills.

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.
372 5th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215

As for geeky nightlife in Brooklyn there’s a lot including a Brooklyn Barcade, (I mentioned the Manhattan spot in my last post and the Batman-themed Gotham City Lounge. Gotham City Lounge is the ultimate fanboy spot to shoot pool, grab a Bat-Beer, or talk about Batman Vs. Superman with like-minded friends.

Gotham City Lounge
1293 Myrtle Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11221
6 PM to Last Call