Dax ExcalmationPoint Comes to Flame Con 2!

Like most origin stories, the one of Dax ExclamationPoint is shrouded in mystery. However, a few things remain clear. During an epic battle for the import/export rights of the rainbow bridge to Asgard known as the “bifrost,” Dax sprang forth fully formed from the head of Zeus. Dax evaded the battle and found safety in a clam shell she rode it safely from the heavens to Atlanta, Georgia. Dax now resides in Savannah, Georgia and has taken up a collaboration with local unbridled upstarts of drag: The House of Gunt in an effort to reawaken the nightlife scene in the lower south east. Only time will tell what the legendary Roadwarrior Typhoonicorn has hidden under her wig so stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion!

A contestant on Rupaul’s Drag Race, Dax brought fierce cosplay looks to the runway on Season 8! Check out her interview with Geeks OUT right here!


Flame Con is August 20-21 at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott in Brooklyn, NY. Purchase tickets here.