Aimee Fleck and Max Wittert Are Coming to Flame Con 2!

Come meet Aimee Fleck at Flame Con! She's a popular illustrator with a penchant for fashion, queer love, feminism and expanding societal standards of beauty.

Her book Damn Girl That Style Is Fat explores fashion for the fuller-figured. She's drawn covers for Adventure Time: Banana Guard Academy, and stories in Lumberjanes. A self-proclaimed “Shipping Expert,” she designed and edited the forthcoming comic “RAW: A Hannibal/Will Fanthology” featuring 200 pages of Hannibal fan art and stories by over 50 different creators.

Welcome back to Flame Con, Aimee!



Yisss! Hilarious and talented illustrator Max Wittert will be returning to Flame Con! Max Wittert is the creator of the Jean & Scott webcomic series which took Tumbr by storm, and was even given an “official” adaptation in the pages of All-New X-Men! Max draws colorful, offbeat illustrations for Fashion Week, The New York Times and SF Weekly, and draws the loony fashion parody comic Skinny Girls. Check out his sketches, illustrations and comics at

-- Flame Con is August 20-21 at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott in Brooklyn, NY. Buy tickets here!