Xena: Warrior Princess Reboot Confirmed!


ATTENTION everyone who longed for the night Xena came on after school (or work) in the 90’s, and were thrilled that FINALLY a glorious, strong, leather clad woman was the hero: It has been announced that there will be a reboot of the show and…*drum roll* Xena and Gabrielle’s relationship as a couple will be confirmed!



 Missopen announced this brilliant news making many lesbians who looked up to and identified with Xena and Gabriella thrilled that it was finally being confirmed that the allusions of their romance was real in the 90’s. There are no details yet about who will play Xena and Gabrielle in the Reboot. Lucy Lawless was asked to play Xena again, but her twitter feed suggests that she is ready to let go of that role and let a new Warrior Princess emerge. The rest, as of now, is a beautiful mystery. But stay tuned for more developments!



Thank you executive producer Javier Grillo – Marxuach, Rob Tapert, and Sam Raimi for undertaking this and making all of our teenage or adult angst worth it! We wish you the best of luck!


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on April 15, 2016

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