Target Introduces DC Super Hero Girls!

   Finally! Some realistic super hero GIRLS for the youth of our newer generation that are not busty, unrealistic, and overly sexualized (or…disregarded all together in certain teams…*cough* Avengers) Target is introducing a new line of DC comic girl action figures that will eventually have a show on Boomerang: These little ladies are tasteful, fun, and full of encouragement. They are a team that girls can identify with that aren’t full of lusty innuendo that send the message that to be a hero you have to be sexy and your worth is dependent on your bad assness and allure. Also, the messages on the t-shirts that are assosiated with these awesome new ladies, will show girls that being a hero means being smart, brave, kind, and strong.

I cannot express how annoying it is to walk into a store and get excited to see what new lady action figures are out, only to find the same old overly dramatized bust and tush, struck in lusty poses, or disregarded altogether, as in many Avengers team merchandise. Black Widow, in all of her glory, is not represented in all of Avenger merchandise for children. This is sad because she is awesome.

(WHERE IS SHE?!?!?!)


Thank you Target for empowering girls and encouraging them to instill character traits that actually matter and providing them with realistic heroes they can identify with. Also, thank you for coming out and being a company that supports our LGBTQ family in 2014. We love you more than Walmart…shhh and duh.

Trish McNeely's picture
on March 14, 2016

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