Ginger Rodger is Our 'Geeky Valentine!'

GeeksOut hosted a special Perforance event this past February 5th, hosted by our very own Ginger Rodger. My Geeky Valentine was a nerd themed burlesque spectacular, with enough tassels, spandex, and glitter to make even the Dark Knight blush! Check out the photos below to get a peek at the spectacular event!

Ginger opened the event, clad mysteriously in black. And was that green hair we saw? The reveal came later, don't you worry.

Performer Alex Beckett served up a magical 'boylesque' as Gambit! We're wondering where he can hide his cards if he's got no sleeves?

Nyx Nocturne wasn't afraid to get freaky geeky, and served Lovecraftian horror that felt so right. And yes, those are six tassels you see.

Like the crooning sounds of Jessica Rabbit? Then you'd loved this boylesque crossplay, done by Castor Bollocks! We're looking forward to seeing pants with a high slit hit the mainstream market.

Misty Meaner brought the power in this beautiful Phoenix cosplay. We can guarantee that this performance was more enjoyable than the new X-Men film will be.

Ginger's back, green hair in tow. This boylesque was no laughing matter! Get it? It's- It's a Joker pun.

It was a couple's affair as Ginger was joined by performer Mademoiselle Estelle. It was a burlesque version of DC's most sordid love-hate story.

Would anyone be able to help our poor Harley? She must be awfully cold!

It's Poison Ivy to the rescue! Nothing like a little lady love to keep you warm in the winter. Thanks for the save, Lilith LaFae!

Want more burlesque? Keep an eye on GeeksOut and our upcoming events! Thank you to Rock Bar for hosting My Geeky Valentine! And a major round of applause for all our performers! Thank you for putting on a great show!