Flame Con: Teens and Comics and Stuff!

This year's Flame Con saw GeeksOut's first-ever Teen Meetup, which was hosted at five. 

I learned a few things:

• Today's young anime enthusiasts aren't aware of Utena.  For shame! Forgetting Utena is like forgetting history! Everyone go find a teen and for them to watch Utena! It's okay! They'll understand!

• I am old.  I am old and from a time when dubs were terrible.

• Sports animes: did they ruin the world, or did the world ruin sports animes? This was a conundrum that I'm not even sure our crack GeeksOut team can solve.

• We all love Superman.  But like, friendly big blue Superman.  Not Man of Steel.  Henry Cavill, hell yes.  Man of Steel, no.

• Is anyone else still stuck on the Utena thing?

• Remember when you and your friends used to argue about what does and doesn't count as art?  You know, back in high school when you and your gang were like, 'Hell yeah, critical art theory!' Just me? I don't understand youth

• Anime and comics are pretty much tied for popularity, which was about the case when I was in high school, though I always sided with comics because I LOVE MYSELF

• Apparently high school students are starting to take note of how broken the American college system is.  I'm both proud of them and kind of awed that everyone seems smarter at 17 now than they did when I was 17.

• Okay! More nerd stuff!

• People notice when you cut corners in animation. Doesn't matter if they're 17 or 30.  I was disappointed to hear that Sailor Moon: Crystal didn't meet the standards of the original animation.  I wasn't surprised, but I was disappointed.

• Thankfully, many teens are still unaware of the dangers of Magic: the Gathering.

• Stay safe out there.  Magic can happen to anyone.

• League of Legends has already happened to the youth.  It's too late.  Shut it down.

• Girl geeks and gay geeks are real, young, and proud!  I couldn't have been happier with our little group today!



on June 14, 2015