TFF2015: Great Scott!

Back to the Future

Fans of the 1985 cult movie version of Clue-- and I know you're out there-- should make tracks to Battery Park Thursday night as the Tribeca Film Festival kicks off its annual "Drive-In."  They're showing the zany comedy, and presumably all three of its alternate endings, in honor of its 30th anniversary.  For those of you who missed this one, it concerns the board game suspects-- including diva Mrs. White (the late, great Madeline Kahn), gay Mr. Green (Michael McKean), and butler Wadsworth (Rocky Horror's Tim Curry)-- trying to find the killer of Mr. Boddy.  For Disney queens, Friday brings Lady and the Tramp, itself celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.  And for those who still aren't over the demise of Universal Studios' Back to the Future ride to make way for The Simpsonsthat 1985 milestone screens Saturday, April 25 at the BMCC/Tribeca Performing Arts Centeras part of Tribeca's Family Festival Street Fair. You don't need roads-- er, cash for any of these screenings.  They're all free.

Tribeca Drive-In shows Clue Thursday, April 16  and Lady and the Tramp Friday, April 17 at sundown outdoors at the waterfront, Brookfield Place at 230 Vesey St.  Back to the Future  shows Saturday, April 25 at 6pm at the BMCC/Tribeca Performing Arts Center, 199 Chambers St. 



on April 15, 2015