Quina Quen's Gender (FFIX)

Final Fantasy IX is a jRPG created in 2000 by Square Enix. The game has some of the most unique characters. Even Steiner, a basic knight character, has many stereotype-breaking moments and actions, that separate him from other knight RPG characters.

Definitely the most unique by far though, Quina Quen is a Blue Mage character (a character that uses enemies’ spells against them after learning them through eating the enemy) that is somewhat of an enigma. S/he is from a genderless race known as Qu, which all go by the “S/he” pronoun. Although, in some countries, the game creates a gender for Quina (for example France uses the “She” pronoun, and Germany uses the “He” pronoun), however it is still an overall consensus that the race that S/he comes from is genderless. Though there are some hints at him/her being biologically male (for example, being able to get hit by Lamia’s Entice, which only works on males). However, no matter what Quina is biologically, their race does not have the socially constructed gender norms that ours does.

The other player characters also seem to completely accept this about them, and always refers to them by the appropriate “S/he” pronoun. In fact, there is a cute optional scene in which Quina  can marry Vivi, a male Black Mage.

Quina consistently speaks in broken English, and is obsessed with eating, which confuses Vivi, however he cares much more about those things than about his/her gender identification


While there is some confusion about Quina’s gender, it’s never a very serious issue. For the most part, Quina’s gender consistently goes unquestioned, and Quina is completely comfortable with themself.

Overall, despite being highly eccentric and far too obsessed with eating bizarre foods and monsters, Quina is still a progressive genderqueer character produced by a major gaming company.