Dad 2: Dad Harder

Strap in, kids, we're going full Lynch.

Well, maybe half-Lynch.  The point is, Kyle MacLahlan is joining the cast of Agents of SHIELD and I just started Twin Peaks like, three days ago, so this must be fate of some sort.  Maybe.  Probably.

MacLahlan will be playing Skye's alien father, last seen sitting in a reclining chair in a sparsely-furnished room while holding a picture of his daughter and dripping blood.

Christmas memories <3

It's unclear what species of alien MacLahlan will be playing, though I'm personally gunning for Kree (and have been since mid-season, to be honest.)   It's possible that he could be Mar-Vell, a white skinned Kree that originally held the title of Captain Marvel.  I've also heard theories that he could be an Inhuman, thus making Skye one as well.  Since Marvel Studios doesn't have access to the mutant menance, it's been speculated that the studio will use the Inhumans as a substitute.

The real question is whether or not we'll be getting the dad-off we deserve between Skye's alien dad and Phil Coulson.  Last season, Coulson, Agent turned Director of SHIELD, made a point of treating Skye as his surrogate daughter.  And since we've been given the idea that Agent Coulson has wanted a family of his own for a long, long time, it seems like the only way alien dad may get his hands on his daughter is if he prys her out of Coulson's cold, dead, surrogate-dad hands.

Let's hope that this can be solved a bit less violently.  Like with a grill-off, or something.  Dads love grills.  Or an ugly-tie wearing contest. A full on war of the dads, is what I'm saying.  It's what we deserve, damn it.

Oh, and while I've got your attention, #savevictoriahand.