Have skin like Chris Evans...

Superheroes seem to have it all. Perfect bodies, perfect outfits, great people skills (usually), smart one liners, endless amounts of money to buy gadgets…perfect skin? Marvel likes to think so. They are teaming up with Kiehl’s in Hell’s Kitchen to launch a Healthy Skin event. Captain America will be modeling the products, of course.


Before, cleansing masks made one look like Clayface or Swamp Thing, but now Kiehl’s rare earth cleansing mask will be artfully applied to look like a super hero mask. You can get clear skin AND get to be a superhero for a bit.


Kiehl’s is having a launch party at their Hell’s Kitchen location, on the corner of 47th St and 9th Ave on Thursday, June 26th, from 6:30 to 8:30. They promise a night of comics, refreshments, and skin care! All are welcome!


Also, on their website they are offering a Limited Edition Collectible Comic Book with any $100 purchase, using the code Captain. The offer is while supplies last and runs until the 30th of June. The business has been around since 1851, so they have some experience under their belt to offer quality products.