Chosen By Lightning

As was mentioned in this week's round up, the new five minute trailer for The CW's The Flash series is here.  Check it out!

The trailer begins with Barry's mother telling our young punching bag of a protagonist that it's better to have a good heart than fast feet. Then, to prove that her sense of judgement is terrible, we cut to the next scene: her murder at the hands of Professor Zoom.  Of course, Barry doesn't know Professor Zoom is a thing yet, and I'm not sure if the audience is supposed to know that, either, but that's how the canon goes and the color scheme matches so I'm just going to call it.

Other potential villains include a glitter stress ball that exploded or that one wide brush on PS6 set to the "Hard Burn" setting


Anyway, we get the basics: Barry's got a dead mom, a guilty complex, he needs to prove himself, and he's pretty much a giant loser.  What on earth could happen to change that?

Remember during the midseason finale of Arrow season 2, when Barry got struck by lightning?  That's what happens.  Oops.

The trailer kind of becomes a blur to me from there: Barry wakes up in the hospital and finds out he's been unconscious for nine months. He is harassed by two scientists that I think are supposed to be the DC answer to FitzSimmons, but right now appear to lack the chemistry of the MCU's British duo. And while I'm always on board for more scientist characters, isn't Barry Allen pretty biology savvy on his own?  It would kind of be like if Felicity Smoak hired a computer consultant.  It just doesn't make sense to me for Barry to have these things about his powers and dark matter and energy surges explained to him, because he used to be able to just figure it out himself. 

Anyway, it all seems pretty fun in that very expected superhero way: we find out that the main big bad of season 1 is going to be Weathermaster, meaning that Professor Zoom will probably not be brought up until the end of the first season.  Nothing really sticks out at me about the trailer, because it's all things I expected to see and I was happy that they were there, but they don't really require much detail.  Basically, it's a lot of Barry testing his powers and people staring at the sky because the weather is getting weird.

Then, out of nowhere, the greatest scene in television history unfolds.

We cut to a rooftop, where Barry stands across from everyone's favorite other costumed hero to currently exist in this universe, Oliver Queen.  I'm not really sure why they can't meet at like, a Starbucks, because I get that a rooftop is cool and all but neither the Flash nor Green Arrow can fly so I really feel like a rooftop is kind of an inconvenience for the both of them?  Anyway, Barry voices his doubts, asking Oliver the question "What if I'm not a hero?  What if I'm just some guy who was struck by lightning?"  It's kind of an interesting question to begin with since the idea that you could downplay being struck by lightning to begin with is kind of astounding.  

But nothing, nothing prepared me for the most perfect reply in the history of television and maybe the universe.  With a completely straight face, Oliver Queen says, "I don't think that bolt of lightning struck you, Barry."  We cut back to Barry's face, and I wonder if Grant Gustin had a hard time keeping a straight face, knowing what was coming next.

This face is pretty spot on, actually

Back to Ollie.  "I think it chose you," Oliver says.  That's right.  That happened.  Oliver Queen told Barry Allen that he was chosen by a bolt of lightning.  The heavens open up, and a beam of light shines down.  And in the middle of that beam of light is Oliver Queen: meteorologist.  

You are a treasure

I have replayed that scene so many times.  I honestly don't care if there are any other scenes, because Oliver Queen thinks that someone was chosen by a bolt of lightning, Zeus-style.  Is there anything else?  Can anything else even exist in this world, in this vacuum inhabited by Oliver Queen?

Probably not

And with that moment of absolute and astounding brilliance, we get another montage.  Weathermaster creates a tornado and flings stuff at the cops, and the Flash arrives to save them just in time.  The news reads "Red Streak Saves Family," which takes me back to the days of Smallville when Clark was "the red-blue blur" and I had to stifle a groan.

For some reason, Barry screams "I'll run around it in the opposite direction!" Which probably has context, but I also like the idea of him just yelling that out as a general idea all the time.


Someone tells the Flash, in the most nebbish voice I have ever heard in my life (and I was born and raised in Westchester County), "You're not faster than a bullet."  At some point, someone will have to break the news to this character that the Flash is indeed faster than a bullet, but I think we should let him have this for now.

The guy that I think is the head scientist yells "Run, Barry, run!" And I probably should've mentioned his character earlier but he didn't stick out to me so, you know, I didn't.  There's some dramatic music, this picture:

This means science is happening

And finally, a wrecked barn that we assume is the aftermath of Barry's fight with the Weathermaster.  "Just your everyday kind of bad guy shoot-out," Barry calls it, now working as Barry Allen: CSI and not Barry Allen: Red Streak.  And while serious building damage is the day-to-day of shootouts in say, Gotham City, one would hope that Central City is a bit more tame.

For the bumper, Oliver tells Barry to take his own advice and wear a mask.  Then he ziplines off the rooftop.  I'm not joking.  We just watch him zipline away.  It's great.

The Flash will air Tuesdays in the fall on the CW.