The Comics Takeover

The upfronts have come and gone and Fall TV, while still far away, now draws inevitably closer, like a light in the distance that slowly approaches you.  Or maybe you're walking towards the light?  Not sure.  It was a metaphor.  Anyway, the major networks have made their TV announcements, and it looks like it's going to be the fall of comic-book TV!  Or comic book inspired.  Let's check out the line up.

NBC announced that they will be airing Constantine, a show about you guessed it, our old pal John Constantine as he tries to keep the weird world from invading the regular one.  I might've stolen that line from the Pilot of Agents of SHIELD.  Watch the trailer for it here. Constantine does not yet have an official release date, and it will be airing on Fridays.

Sadly, Community will not be returning for a sixth season.  The show has had it's fair share of turmoil, though it's cancellation has brought fans together in commemoration of a show that unintentionally redefined TV comedies.  Matt Zoller Seitz wrote a beautiful sort of eulogy to Community for Vulture, which you can read here.

In better news, ABC renewed my beloved Agents of SHIELD, and promises that tomorrow's season finale will not only have a huge impact on fans but on the MCU as a whole.  At some point, Brett Dalton or BJ Britt might take their shirts off.  Maybe they can just not wear shirts for season 2.  I'm not picky.  I like my men soulful and shirtless when appropriate.  The OC taught me that.

ABC also announced that they have picked up 13 episodes for a new series, Agent Carter, which will pick up where the MCU short about Peggy Carter left off.  It is rumored that the show will be a sort of 'bridge series' and run during Agents of SHIELD's hiatus. The show has Haley Atwell reprising her role as the one and only bombastic Peggy Carter, and is being headed by Shonda Rhimes. This is the MCU's second show written by a woman of color, with Maurissa Tancharoen being the head co-writer for Agents of SHIELD.

Fox will be bringing Gotham to TV this fall, a prequel of sorts to Batman's main story.  It stars Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon, and I would make another OC reference but I already used up my alotted one.  For a more in depth recap of Gotham, check out this post.

The CW is bringing back Arrow for a third season.  In a facebook Q&A, lead actor Stephen Amell was asked if season 3 had started filming yet.  Charming as always, Amell groaned and told viewers that he still had season 2 scenes to film, and that he hoped he would at least get some time off to relax.

The CW also picked up The Flash, starring Grant Gustin as Barry Allen.  The episode will pick up from Barry's freak accident in the midseason finale of Arrow season 2.  The Flash does not yet have a release date.