The Weekly Geek Roundup

- So, there's this X-Men Lego set that might get made. It's so awesome. I would've spent hours playing with this as a kid. I, hopefully, will get to spend hours playing with as the adult sized child I've become. I mean, it's so awesome. You can vote for it here. Nearly every X-Man is in this freakin' set! Sadly, it's missing my special favorite Jubilee (although, maybe my old man eyes just can't find her). Where would I put this in my apartment, you ask? So what, who cares is my answer. 
- Paul Bettany has officially been cast as Vision. He was, in case you didn't know, the voice of the A.I. Jarvis (y'know, the voice that follows Tony Stark around). This is good and makes sense since Ultron will be the next villain. Also, I guess we'll get to see the start of whatever romance might be shown between he and Scarlet Witch. I guess, also, I don't care. I'm still too annoyed at the fact that Quicksilver and Wanda are going to be in Days of the Future Past (although, Wanda, I think, is just going to be a little girl in it) and Avengers: Age of Ultron but they'll be annoyingly seperate. Speaking of Avenegrs: Age of Ultron...
- There are rumors flying around that they're looking to cast Miss Marvel/Carol Danvers in Avengers: Age of Ultron. This makes me happy. Who doesn't love her? Moving on.
- Did you love Lost as much as I did? Did you try and fist fight the entire Internet when everyone said how bad the finale was because they were wrong and you were right and Lost gives you a lot of feelings? No? Well, I still have good news: Evangeline Lilly is in talks to play a key role in Edgar Wright's Ant-Man movie. Did you see her being a total badass in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug? I left that movie saying she'd be a perfect Spider-Woman. So, while my dream casting for Wasp is Kristen Bell...I'd be okay with this wonderful lady. But, she might not even play Wasp. Maybe she'll play some side character. Who could know. Regardless, she's a delight.
- Conan O'Brien got zombie-fied in this cold opening of his show in honor of The Walking Dead returning and him having the cast on his show. I had kinda hoped we'd see Michonne come in and slice him up. But, WE CAN'T ALL GET WHAT WE WANT NOW CAN WE. Fun fact: I don't even watch The Walking Dead. I've only seen the first season and I've meant to catch up but, well.
- The Lego Movie has a 97% on Rotten Tomatos. Which is good. I always kind of forget how the ratings works on that site...but, I know that's a good rating. I saw it and it's super cute and super weird and super meta. But, it's like Roger Rabbit with all the crazy franchise crossovers that take place in the movie. I'd say it's worth it. Chris Pratt is super charming in it and I just love a movie full of cameos.
- Philip Seymour Hoffman will apparently be recreated digitally for his final scenes in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. This is what I had assumed they'd be doing. Yep.
- Josh Trank, director of the upcoming (groan) reboot of the Fantastic Four movie, spoke out about the rumors about the movie. Basically, every rumor is false..but one. One might be only kind of false. Or something. Can we stop rebooting everything? I'm not a big fan of an origin story. Especially when I JUST SAT though the same origin story a few years ago with different actors. But, whatever. I'll still see it.
- Rumor has it that Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen are writing an adaptation of the comic Preacher for AMC. Are we torn on this? I feel like this will be pretty awesome. I just wish it were on HBO or Showtime so it could be as vulgar as possible. 
- There's a new awesome trailer for Captain America: Winter Soldier and it looks AWESOME. There's also a buttload of more super photoshopped character posters that were released. And, also also, there's a new Amazing Spider-Man trailer. I'm legit excited for both these movies. They both look like improvements upon the originals. Oh, and here's a link to a possible spoiler about the rumor of what the after-credits scene is in Captain America: Winter Soldier. Also, how GODDAMNED hot is Chris Evans? Sigh.
- And because the world is nonsesne, here's a petition to change the national anthem to Guile's theme from Street Fighter. I mean, why the hell not?
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on February 7, 2014

Buffy Summers in her prom dress holding two pugs.