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I'm in charge of the Washington, DC Geeks OUT chapter, and a fan of comics, multiplayer video games, and board games with waaay too many pages of instructions.

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This October, gay vigilante Midnighter will be back, and he'll be paired up with his superhero boyfriend, Apollo. ...continue »
In partnership with Fantom Comics, we're gonna be talking about queer creator Steve Orlando's fantastic recent run on MIDNIGHTER! If you're unfamiliar with this slightly more obscure DC Comics character, don't worry: you can read Volume 1 (subtitled "Out") without any previous knowledge and jump right in. People often describe Batman as a psychopath, and Midnighter is basically psychopath Batman but he's completely unapologetic about it and he loves his job. He's also gay, but that's just one aspect of this fully fleshed-out character. ...continue »
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June 26, 2016
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Midnighter had authenticity and excitement you rarely see in mainstream superhero books about queer people. But the comic book covers and ads didn't acknowledge his sexuality, which I think played a part in its cancellation. ...continue »
It took three decades for a Jem and the Holograms adaptation, and suddenly we've got two: a movie and comic book. But really, there's only the comic! ...continue »
In a heel turn from business as usual, Nintendo's latest RPG features marriage equality and adoption ...continue »