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Resides in New York, New York!

I will take care of this part later when I am more awake!!

What I'm ReadingFor novels, I am currently reading The Black House by King and Straub! As for comics, what am I not reading is the better question! I am currently reading all of Marvel, all of DC, the Buffy-verse in Dark Horse, some Image (the original titles). some Dynamite, some IDW, and some Boom!
What I'm PlayingI am sorry to report that I am not a gaymer! Please don't hate me! I am still a nice guy!
What I'm WatchingI am willing to confess that I do watch all the Real Housewives shows on Bravo! Deal with it! I also watch Haven, Fringe, Grimm, Revolution, cooking competitions, General Hospital, Glee, Modern Family, Castle, Bones and some more. Feel free to ask what else!

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Godzilla - A SKREEEEEEONNNNK of a Review!!!!!

A review on the new Godzilla movie (plus some personal stuff about me as a Godzilla lover so bare with me)!

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Captain Canine
 on Fri, May 23, 2014

Great review, Rob! I've noticed that when I ask people if they liked this new Godzilla, you have to ask what Godzilla they grew up with. I grew up with the same Godzilla reference you have. I didn't even bother with the Matthew Broderick movie. I haven't seen the new one yet, but now I'm excited.

Closet Monsters - My first book review!

My first book review on Closet Monsters, a gay horror anthology written by Daniel W. Kelly.

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Doctor Who: 50 years of timey wimey stuff

A review and insight into the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who - "The Day of the Doctor"

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The Awesomeness of Superman: The Man of Steel - a movie review

A spoiler-free movie review of the newest superhero flick to hit the theaters, Superman: The Man of Steel starring the hunky Henry Cavill, the ballsy Amy Adams and more.

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Rob Klaus' Holiday Gift Guide for the Geeks - Part Cuatro!! For the Gaymer Geeks!

Here is it the final part of the Holiday Gift Guide for the Geeks! This one is meant for the gaymers!

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Rob Klaus' Holiday Gift Guide for the Geeks - Part Tres!! For the Sci-fi/fantasy Geeks!

Here comes the third part of the Holiday Gift guide for the geeks! This one is aimed for the sci-fi/fantasy geeks in your life! A broad area but only a small fraction can be posted here!

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Rob Klaus' Holiday Gift Guide for the Geeks - Part Deux!! For the Comic Book Geeks!

Here is Part Two of the Holiday Gift Guide for the Geeks! Today we tackle the dominant life form of the geeks - the comic book geek!

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