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Resides in New York, New York!

I will take care of this part later when I am more awake!!

What I'm ReadingFor novels, I am currently reading The Black House by King and Straub! As for comics, what am I not reading is the better question! I am currently reading all of Marvel, all of DC, the Buffy-verse in Dark Horse, some Image (the original titles). some Dynamite, some IDW, and some Boom!
What I'm PlayingI am sorry to report that I am not a gaymer! Please don't hate me! I am still a nice guy!
What I'm WatchingI am willing to confess that I do watch all the Real Housewives shows on Bravo! Deal with it! I also watch Haven, Fringe, Grimm, Revolution, cooking competitions, General Hospital, Glee, Modern Family, Castle, Bones and some more. Feel free to ask what else!

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Marvel Should Go To Las Vegas And Put It All In!! (My review of the Guardians of the Galaxy)

This is my review of the blockbuster summer hit, Guardians of the Galaxy. I just want to let you know that there will be pictures in this review but I won't be using the actors from the movie. I will be using pictures of the original characters that the movie is based on.

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Godzilla - A SKREEEEEEONNNNK of a Review!!!!!

A review on the new Godzilla movie (plus some personal stuff about me as a Godzilla lover so bare with me)!

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Captain Canine
 on Fri, May 23, 2014

Great review, Rob! I've noticed that when I ask people if they liked this new Godzilla, you have to ask what Godzilla they grew up with. I grew up with the same Godzilla reference you have. I didn't even bother with the Matthew Broderick movie. I haven't seen the new one yet, but now I'm excited.

Closet Monsters - My first book review!

My first book review on Closet Monsters, a gay horror anthology written by Daniel W. Kelly.

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Doctor Who: 50 years of timey wimey stuff

A review and insight into the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who - "The Day of the Doctor"

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The Awesomeness of Superman: The Man of Steel - a movie review

A spoiler-free movie review of the newest superhero flick to hit the theaters, Superman: The Man of Steel starring the hunky Henry Cavill, the ballsy Amy Adams and more.

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